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Turn your challenges into opportunities!



“Don’t Tell Someone to Get Over It, Help Them Through It”

A lovely little image and quote… I’d finish it off with the line ‘and come out the other side a better person’. This is the mark of a good coach! Someone who is there for you when you need them but pops an extra strong brick in your foundations at the same time!

The scars we carry that impact our ability to move forward in life or just to feel happy are almost always related to ‘getting through’ a previous event. Taking the time to reflect on these events and learn from them means that life challenges are actually opportunities to grow and be stronger!

The basic practice of looking for opportunities within our challanges is hugely liberating and a great mind set.  But like most things it takes practice before this becomes your default mind set.

An old manager of mine once said to me when I was feeling anxious about something at work ‘your symptom is a gift’…. strange thing to say but just like I talked about in my last blog (Fear- a strange little gift to ourselves!) once I got to the bottom of what it was exactly I was worried about I could treat it!

If you’re worried or unhappy about something in your life, get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation and start to feel better immediately. Get In Touch

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