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Give Your Confidence A Massive Boost! 10 Top Tips


  1. Embrace Self-doubt – a strange one to start hey? Self-doubt can be a really helpful early warning sign if handled correct and swiftly. Something doesn’t feel right? Firstly look for fact based evidence to substantiate this one way or the other and then do 1 of two things:
    1. If you can substantiate it take action to improve your skill/preparation/practice/get help/support
    2. OR Thank ‘self-doubt’ for encouraging a quick check, but without evidence that something IS ACTUALLY wrong, reassure yourself that you’ve got this and move on.
  2. Comparison Is The Death Of Joy. Reflect only on what’s good about you and your life. The things you are happy with and good at.
  3. Hesitate Less – similar to number 1 but pay specific attention to procrastination. How many times have you said ‘it wasn’t as bad as I thought’? Nervous anticipation is always worse than the actual event.
  4. Ban The Word ‘Perfect’– and replace it with ‘good enough’ – not to be confused with accepting less than you deserve but striving for perfection can seriously impact your confidence.
  5. Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway. People with confidence aren’t necessarily fearless but they don’t let fear stop them. The biggest fear with people who lack confidence is embarrassment or failure but ask yourself ‘what happens if you do fail/feel embarrassed/’? The likelihood is, if you really dig deep is that ‘nothing happens’. Celebrate that you tried, learn from it and go again.
  6. Embrace Feedback. This is an enhancement to number 5. If you don’t do as well as you wanted or you think you’re not good at something and therefore feel stuck in a rut: seek out a good friend/colleague/mentor/coach and get some constructive feedback.
  7. Master Handling Conflict-no one enjoys conflict but it is not difficult how to be a master of handling it. It starts with learning techniques to diffuse it without backing down. Gentle or empowered assertion is a great confidence booster!
  8. Take A Holiday From The Thoughts In Your Head– whilst some confidence issues can be attributed to science most are home grown. When you’re in a situation and your confidence abandons you- normally people panic, however try to focus on what is going on around you. Listen to the sounds of other people. Breathe!!
  9. Small Victory Steps- but steps nonetheless! A great way to build confidence is to set yourself small but achievable goals and bask in the glory of each little victory. This creates a formidable foundation to your confidence.
  10. Limit Exposure To Media– Ads and social media can be a real confidence crusher when you find yourself comparing your ‘warts and all’ life to that of an airbrushed, highlight reel of someone else’s!

It was difficult to pick 10 but I’d say these are the big hitters! Even if you only pick one to focus on initialy you’ll start to notice a change immediately. None of these tips are easy  and like anything new, it take practice and patience. If you want to give yourself the best possible start at building your new found confidence get in touch and book a confidence boosting session


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