New CV, New Job, New Start..

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“I came to Jill for help when looking for a new job. I hadn’t written a CV or gone to an interview in 11 years! She spent time understanding my specific industry so she could appreciate what was important. The CV we put other was, and still is, brilliant! It gave me the confidence to apply for a role that I would never have considered applying for before. We also spent time preparing for the interview. I GOT THE JOB! My new employer even comment on how good my CV is. Jill I patient and empathetic, and it is empowering to just be around her. I can’t recommend her enough!!!”


Work Life Balance

Work Life

“Jill is a natural people person with a genuine desire to help everyone realise their potential.  I have known Jill for a number of years; during that time, on more than one occasion, I have been faced with challenges where I knew that Jill was the person I needed to talk to.

I have a great deal of respect for her professional instincts, as she has a wealth of experience to draw upon, but she balances this extremely well with the ability to have a very human take on situations.  I always look forward to speaking to Jill and can honestly say that she has helped me to find a balance between my personal life and career that I am genuinely happy with.  I have also witnessed Jill’s transformative impact on others, and have seen her give them the confidence to make a real change in their lives too.

Her approach is always positive and strategic, and rather than being purely motivational, she also offers practical step-by-step guidance.  Whether it is improving a C.V., finding the confidence to move in a different direction professionally, or dealing with more personal challenges, Jill provides the perspective and the support that enables people to move ahead in their lives”