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I lied to everyone- I wish I hadn’t!

A familiar story with a twist most people won't see coming: "When I became pregnant for the first time it wasn't a joyous occasion, it wasn't planned and there was no excitement on my part - just worry and nervousness. I didn't bloom during pregnancy, quite the opposite, I nearly had a full house of 'Pregnancy Symptoms Bingo'- I only needed… Continue reading I lied to everyone- I wish I hadn’t!

Anxiety, Asking for help, Coaching, Confidence, Empowering, Life challenges

Turn your challenges into opportunities!

  "Don't Tell Someone to Get Over It, Help Them Through It" A lovely little image and quote... I'd finish it off with the line 'and come out the other side a better person'. This is the mark of a good coach! Someone who is there for you when you need them but pops an… Continue reading Turn your challenges into opportunities!

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Fear- a strange little gift to ourselves!

One of the biggest barriers a lot of my clients have is fear- fear comes in many forms but is essentially something we've created within ourselves. Ok, so there is genuine fear which is a human survival instinct but most of the day to day stuff is 'self made fear', a strange little gift to… Continue reading Fear- a strange little gift to ourselves!